The Palpitations

The Palpitations

South London’s The Palpitations release second single Milk It/Love Is True (That’s Why It Hurts) on March 28th, through CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH. Danielle, Davey, Nicolas and William make the sort of menacing, bluesy, indie-rock so beloved of The Duke Spirit. Big guitars, clattering drums, tales of misguided, romantic posturing: ‘You used to walk to mine and stay up late/Watching movies, hoping you’d get laid/But I would always fall asleep/You’d tell yourself it was sweet’, spits Danielle.

Read in Snipe


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Deputy Music Editor at Snipe London - Contributor to The 4o5 and Hemma Magazine - Co-founder of LEG GUITAR v TUCKSHOP: EP CLUB
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