EP1 Cover art

Leg Guitar and Tuckshop Community Radio present…

Cobalt Cranes

Straight from the streets of LA, Cobalt Cranes suck in their surroundings of sun, sand and silicone and bash it impeccably together with loud, garage psychedelica. Sleazy, brash and full of good old-fashioned rock n’ roll they write music for all the badass kids in town.

Joe Innes

Joe Innes is a modern Anti folk superhero straight from a Stan Lee comic, who scours the urban streets of London telling tales and blessing our stereos. Armed with just his guitar and an observant mind, Joe Innes sings about all the things that fill our lives – beautiful or mundane. 

 The Annoying Lobsters

Hailing from Denmark, The Annoying Lobsters are jam packed with youthful exuberance. They strum their guitars, smack their drums and holler down the microphone, collectively producing a slightly off kilter, but note perfect Scandinavian guitar pop record.

 Burning Buildings

Manchester’s finest eccentric, fuzzy guitar-pop trio laugh in the face of traditional musical boundaries.  TLOBF describe them as making ‘harmonically beautiful but rhythmically scrappy songs that flit between Great Eastern-era Delgados and Jetplane Landing’.  High praise indeed.

Lilies On Mars

Live, this London (via Canada and Sardinia) three-piece are a formidable presence; on record, they possess a breadth and depth that way surpasses their ‘experimental shoegaze’ tag.  Following strong reviews for recent long-player ‘Wish You Were A Pony’ in both Rolling Stone and Uncut, Lisa, Marina and Matthew are on the road to greatness.  What the world’s been waiting for.

LEG GUITAR v TUCKSHOP: EP CLUB (Vol.1) will be a digital-only release, available from http://lgvtepclub.bandcamp.com/

Come down to our launch night!  09/09/11 at the Betsey Trotwood, London EC1.  Featuring performances from Joe Innes, Burning Buildings and Lilies On Mars http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=158701447539681

About Leg Guitar

Leg Guitar is the blog of music writer Tom Jenkins (Snipe, The 4o5).  It recently received recognition from XFM DJ/Journalist/Blogger Ruth Barnes and Tom Robinson on BBC 6Music.

About Tuckshop Community Radio

Tuckshop Community Radio is a long-running new music podcast, curated by unsigned band fanatic Jack Bacon, from his home in Kentish Town.  As well as playing the hottest new music, Jack’s recorded sessions with the likes of Melodica, Melody and Me and Mercury nominees Everything Everything.  The man knows his stuff!









About Tom Jenkins

Deputy Music Editor at Snipe London - Contributor to The 4o5 and Hemma Magazine - Co-founder of LEG GUITAR v TUCKSHOP: EP CLUB
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